• barbera cluster
  • harvested grapes
  • full bins
  • punching down
  • ready to press
  • press skins
  • barbera juice
  • stainless tank
  • in barrels

Red wine grapes are harvested after the first big freeze, typically mid October. Given the short growing season, optimal Brix (sugar) at harvest is in the low 20s. White grapes are harvested in September with a Brix in the mid to high 20s. All grapes are harvested by hand.

The red grapes are fermented in the same bins used for harvest. After fermentation, the skins are pressed, and the juice aged in oak barrels for up to one year. All of the resulting red wines are used for the Red Rooster blend. The Barbera is used for both the blend, and on its own as our Estate Reserve Red.

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